August 2014 Update

Much has been happening behind the scenes, as a motion picture producer might say. And, your Colorado Chapter has been in motion!!

Volleyball Visit 2014Gylton DaMatta arranged and produced a wonderful episode of teenage volleyball players enjoying the USA in July.  In support of youth exchange programs, the Colorado Chapter collaborated with the Youth Sports Academy (YOSA), based at the Qdoba Center in Fort Collins, to host a group of Brazilian girls and coaches who participated in volleyball camps in Colorado and in Texas.  Action included scrimmage matches played at Dayspring Christian Academy (DCA) High School in Greeley.  Colorado activities included a visit to the Olympic Training facility in Colorado Springs, the US Air Force Academy, and to Rocky Mountain National Park. The next volleyball camp episode is slated for release in the summer of 2015.

Gylton Louise and MG Chapter 6-2014Louise Jennings had a featured role in a visit to the Minas Gerais Partners when she visited Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL in June.  And, Sandra Robnett is preparing for her next part in August, a travel grant to Belo Horizonte.  These are updated versions and re-makes of earlier visits, for the purpose of more strongly positioning both Chapters in the Partners 100,000 Strong program.  While written and designed for general audiences, the focus continues to be on college age students.

Steve Waechter, Co VanHerwaarden, and John Beattie are also preparing for starring roles this autumn.  They will present concepts about 100,000 Strong at the 50th Anniversary Celebration and International Convention for the Partners of the Americas, being held in beautiful Florianopolis, BRAZIL.  We are positive the red carpet will be rolled out for this one!  Supporting cast members will include Binka LeBreton, Luzia Lisita, Jan Brummond, Marilyn Beattie, Roger & Betty Brown, Gylton DaMatta, Sherilyn Marrow, Odete VanHerwaarden, Francis Wardle and many more.

Come to the September 7th Chapter meeting for previews on all these coming attractions, in addition to reviews of previously featured events.  As usual, the Sunday afternoon screening will begin at 2:00.  You are invited to bring friends, relatives, and food or beverages to share.  Look for the Qdoba Event Center, located at 218 Smokey Street in Fort Collins.  As the day draws near, look for more information and reminders, to be posted on the Colorado Facebook page.


-Courtesy of Betty Brown, 8/2014

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