October 2014 Update

Colorado Partners Connect in Brazil in October

 A highlight of the 50th Anniversary International Convention in Florianopolis, Curitiba was the 100,000 Strong presentation facilitated by Steve with ideas shared by Co, John, Gylton, and Luzia. Their words were visionary and inspired all listening with reasons to recruit, new understanding, as well as opportunities for participation.  In the presentation audience, bursting with pride for our colleagues were Francis, Jan, Odete, Marilyn, Roger, and Betty.  Count this ten from Colorado and one from Minas Gerais for outstanding attendance from our Partnering Chapters!  (Before the convention, important contacts were made in Minas Gerais. Steve spent time with Partners in Belo Horizonte and Diamantina.  And after the convention, Gylton spent time a variety of contacts in BH.  These two men used their talents to strengthen existing partnerships and create new connections to assist with 100,000 Strong proposals.)

 Marilyn, John, Roger and Betty visited Robin and Binka at the Iracambi Rainforest Research Center in Minas Gerais.  Sharing insights and thoughts on volunteerism were four members of the POA DC office, Peggy, Courtney, Adriana, and Andi. Interactions continued with volunteers from Australia and Switzerland. This was truly an internationally flavored visit.

 The four from Colorado were reunited with Co, Odete, and Luzia in Belo Horizonte for a series of inspiring meetings.  Luzia and Co participated in a city-sponsored panel, “Improve Your English,” which fits perfectly with the concepts of the 100,000 Strong program. Observed by all was the new vitality, encouraged by new members in the Minas Gerais Chapter.  In other words, we made new friends and rejoiced with the old!

 These three places, visited by Coloradoans as part of travel experiences in Brazil went beyond the “talk and plan” stages to actually “walk the walk”!  A broader picture was realized, moving from individuals to the greater group.  That is where our Chapters are going…as we discover new areas to Serve and Change lives.  All are welcome to join in this experience.  It is not necessary to leave Colorado and go to Brazil in order to participate.  New opportunities await to welcome guests to our home state.

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