Greeley hosts 2013 What Works Conference

Greeley Tribune, May 24, 2013

Greeley Tribune, May 24, 2013

The Colorado Chapter of the Partners of the Americas, an international legacy organization, established in1964, hosted a Regional Meeting in Greeley during May of 2013.

One hundred volunteers came from across North and South America to exchange project ideas.  They stayed in local homes and guesthouses. They enjoyed meals catered by locally owned establishments.  In addition to their extensive, planned, working agenda, members toured the Meeker House, the Greeley Freight Station, and the Antique Washing Machine museums.  Their warm welcome was enhanced by individuals like LeeAnn Sterling and her staff at Greeley’s Visitors’ Bureau and an article reported for the Greeley Tribune by Bethany Morris and Jim Rydbom.

Dozens of volunteers helped make this event a success.  We would like to acknowledge and thank Greeley for the friendly hospitality. The Partners motto is “Connect. Serve. Change Lives.”  Greeley did just that!

With appreciation,

Jan Brummond & Betty Brown


Here is a link to the article in the Tribune.

In response to the conference, Melissa from D.C. said this:

In Colorado last week at the What Works Regional Meeting, the Colorado Partners presented everyone with a small silver, expandable sphere. They took the idea from Steve’s speech in Medellin in 2011, demonstrating the strengthen of our growing network with an expanding red ball (which you can see in either Steve’s or Matt’s offices). They found similar versions later on vacation and thought that it was such a perfect metaphor that we should all have our own as constant inspiration and a reminder of the real power of our network. They asked me to bring back enough for the whole staff! They are in your mailboxes, ready for you to enjoy! I have enough for interns and Fellows too, so please come by my office and get one if you don’t have a mailbox.

Thanks to the Colorado Partners for such a thoughtful gift!



Melissa Lynott Golladay
Director, Professional Leadership Exchanges
Directora, Intercambios Profesionales de Liderazgo
Partners of the Americas
1424 K St NW, Suite 700
Washington DC 20005


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