November 2014 Update

Colorado Partners Connect at the University of Northern Colorado


 It was a snowy day in Greeley; however, the welcome was warm as were conversations at the Community Engaged Scholars Symposium hosted by the University of Northern Colorado.

 From an exhibit table full of material, Co, Odete, Steve, John, Marilyn, David, Lin, and Betty interacted from with members of the Greeley community and campus participants in a unique “town and gown” event.

 100K Strong LogoInformation about the 100,000 Strong student exchange initiative was distributed, highlighting the January Iracambi program.  Since four Interns to teach English in four locations for the Instituto Federal University in Minas Gerais are needed, flyers were dispersed and invitations were issued for the Sunday afternoon December 7th Chapter meeting in Denver.

 Discussions directed to the importance of youth exchanges took place with numerous students and with instructors in the schools of Communication Studies, Sociology, Language Studies, and Earth Sciences. David observed that our efforts to Connect illustrate a “Culturally Competent” Chapter. Making connections is the first step to being able to Serve and Change Lives.

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