Greeley Tribune Article about 50th Anniversary Convention in Brazil

We are honored to be featured in the Greeley Tribune in an article about the 50th Anniversary Convention in Brazil! Credit to Betty Brown for such a wonderful article.


Partners of the Americas, celebrated its 50th Anniversary at a convention in Florianopolis Brazil. Formed in 1964, this international organization was inspired by the visionary leadership of John F. Kennedy as a part of his Alliance for Progress.  Volunteers from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States are recruited to raise the quality of life for people across the western hemisphere. The group organizes people and resources to develop projects in these countries to aid health services, enhance local governments, as well as protect natural resources and the rights of women and children. Chapters work within their local communities to secure in-kind and financial contributions to support this work.

 The Colorado Chapter, with ten participants, was the largest delegation in attendance in Florianopolis. Pictured here are nine delegates, all from Northern Colorado, who attended the convention.  At the left of the front row is Luzia Lisita (President of the Minas Gerais Chapter), along with Marilyn Beattie, Betty Brown, and Jan Brummond. Pictured in the back row are Gylton DaMatta, Roger Brown, Steve Waechter (President of the Colorado Chapter), Odete VanHerwaarden, Co VanHerwaarden, and John Beattie.

 The convention recognized many members with longevity awards.  Three from Colorado have served in excess of twenty years; six have served for more than ten years. Those that could not attend the International Convention will be recognized at the Chapter meeting in Denver on December 7th.

The Colorado Chapter was also recognized for hosting a highly successful Regional Conference in Greeley in May of 2013. Receiving the award were Jan Brummond and Betty Brown.  Also pictured are Steve Vetter, President and CEO of the Partners of the Americas, and Colorado Partners Steve Waechter and Odete VanHerwaarden.

 The Colorado Chapter, partnered with the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, has been actively collaborating with the University of Northern Colorado and with Aims Community College in preparation for student exchanges. Some exchanges will take place under the umbrella of President Obama’s program for 100,000 Strong, some will focus on a program for Brazilians to improve English language skills, and some will offer opportunities in connection with the Iracambi, a MataAtlantic Rainforest research and reforestation facility in the heart of the state.

 More specific information about becoming a volunteer or attending meetings can be accessed at the Chapter website:

OR by viewing the Facebook page: Colorado Chapter Partners of the Americas

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