Board Meeting Minutes April 2 2016

Colorado Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

The Board conducted a short meeting, Saturday evening, April 2, 2016, at the Brown’s residence, 2428 19th Avenue, in Greeley.

In attendance: Board members – Francis Wardle, Dwight Hicks, Betty Brown, Marilyn Beattie, Erica Atkinson, Gylton da Matta, Louise Jennings, and Reed Pritchard.

Joining the discussion: John Beattie, Chair of English Teachers project, Roger Brown, host, and Dina London, UNC Intern, Charlotte Pritchard, Ruth Benjamin Wardle, Ruth Warner, and Sherilyn Marrow.

Special guests, both from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, were Pablo Henrique de Souza Souto, Secretary of the Minas Gerais Chapter, and Luiz Ricardo Paratela, who is staying with Louise and Gylton and will spend April and May working with athletes at YOSA in Fort Collins.

Francis welcomed all, expressing his gratitude that we could address some business concerns as a part of the evening, especially arranged to honor our two guests from Brazil. Gylton suggested that our Chapters are experts at “collaboration and elaboration.”

Marilyn reported that our Chapter can register securing with Paypal without paying an enrollment fee. A link to our Chapter website can be established. Members can then have the ease of paying dues electronically or choosing to write checks. Small percentages are accessed when transactions are made (2.9 local and 3.9 international). Registration was approved (moved Dwight, seconded Reed). With the successful transfer of July 2015 tuition expense, the bank balance is $7,212.66.

Betty and Pablo Henrique arranged time Friday morning for a telephone meeting with Barbara Bloch of the Partners DC office. Barbara gave a brief tutorial on ways that registration on PartnersConnect can benefit our Chapters and members.

John reported on progress to repeat the July 2015 project to help English teachers improve their skills. He has been communicating with Maria Angela Bomfin in Belo Horizonte about budgets and possible funding, as well as others in the Partners network. The TRIP video, created by Dina and posted on Facebook, has received in excess of 1,700 hits. So far, no one has made a formal request or application. The Memo of Understanding with Aims has a deadline of June 5. Mary Brenecke is in BH now, meeting with teachers and MG Partners.

YOSA will conduct an international volleyball tournament, with training camp, over Memorial Day weekend. Gylton spoke of the life inclusion practiced by YOSA, with no physical or emotional limitations for athletes. Betty has been researching a small gift or award for players. The purchase of water bottles will be expensive and most already have them. Stickers are cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and could also include our Chapter website. Erica described how much young people enjoy accumulating stickers on their own bottles. Reed and Dina will work together to create three designs for a Board vote. Using flags would make the stickers more fun; suggestions included flags from Colorado, Minas Gerais, USA, and Brazil.

Francis has been in communication with staff at Partners DC about those who will attend the NAFSA convention in Denver in May. A meeting and reception about the 100,000 Strong program with Matt Clausen, and Lee Tablewski has been arranged. Representatives of Colorado higher education institutions will be invited.

Plans are in progress for the Chapter’s 50th anniversary at the June 5th Chapter meeting at Red Rocks. Dwight will update and share the historical video/power point presentation he prepared last year. Erica will research catering or food truck options, not to exceed $500. (moved Dwight, seconded Erica). Betty will help with celebratory arrangements. The pegode band from Boulder was considered for entertainment; but will be postponed, as the meeting’s agenda is long. In addition to the historical presentation, reports are expected from TRIP, Mary’s BH visit, as well as a report from Luiz. Betty will talk with Dana Walker, one of the singers and a Partners member, about the possibility of their performing at the September meeting at YOSA, where there will be more time and space.

Meeting was adjourned for more conversation and refreshments.

Respectfully submitted, Betty Brown, Chapter Secretary

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