TRIP (Teacher Readiness Improvement Pedagogy)

Teacher Readiness Improvement Pedagogy (TRIP)

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Start this workshop in Greeley, Colorado by celebrating the American Independence Day with fireworks, parades and food. Following will be four weeks of English pedagogy instruction along with American cultural experiences. 

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Colorado Partners of the Americas in collaboration with Aims Community College developed an innovative educational workshop for the development of enhanced skill for teaching English to non-English speakers.

Coursework: The objective of these sessions is to provide practical and relevant English Language instructional techniques to reach non English speaking students. You will learn techniques to differentiate learning styles, learning levels, and personal interests. This will elevate motivation, comprehension, and application of the English language. Technological interventions used during these courses will further the ability to individualize instruction.

Classes: Listening and Speaking, Writing and Reading Methods Course Summary and Response (technological tools integration)

Who is Qualified to participate:  

  1. Teachers of English from South or Central America who are employed in public or private institutions.

  2. Teachers with good English skills

News article from the 2015 program: