October 6, 2013

Colorado Partners of the Americas Business Meeting

The October 6, 2013, Colorado Chapter meeting was held at 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon at the Kress Cinema and Lounge, 817 8th Ave, in downtown Greeley. Instead of the usual business meeting, the gathering was to host the viewing of a Brazilian film, “Central Station,” partially filmed in Rio de Janeiro and partially filmed in rural northern Brazil. All dialogue is in Portuguese with English subtitles.

Welcome and Introductions

Chapter President, Lin Allen, welcomed the forty plus attendees, thanking them for coming to this special Partners event. She introduced Colorado Officers and Board Members in attendance: Jan Brummond, Betty Brown, Co VanHerwaaden, and Marilyn Beattie. Lin also thanked committee members for making the event possible.  Marilyn, who created invitations, Danielle Ingle who created a colorful advertisement flyer, and Silvio Picinini, who will soon move to California. Lin acknowledged Nara Nogueira and Binka Le Breton, members of the Minas Gerais Chapter, who participated in a planning session during the PreConference LEGACY session in May, with the letter standing for Arts. Lin, who chaired the committee, also provided financial support for the event.   Therefore, there was no admission charge to the movie.

Lin referred to the phrase “working together” and suggested for Partners’ purposes the words could be appropriately reversed “together working.”   The diverse audience illustrated this concept. This event was an introduction of the Partners organization to many in attendance. Copies of the Colorado/Minas Gerais brochure, with attached membership form, were distributed to further explain the organization’s purpose.

At the conclusion of the movie, the group moved to the lounge area for refreshments, conversations, and door prizes. Eight matted, enlarged photographs were awarded by drawing.

The event successfully served three purposes: to enjoy our Partners relationships, to further awareness of Brazil, and to promote the “Connect” aspect of the Partners motto.


Because of the nature of the event, official business was not discussed, other than Lin making reference to the success of May’s What Works Regional Meeting and the announcement of Jan’s candidacy for the International Board.

Next Chapter meeting will be Sunday, December 8, at Mary Gershwin’s apartment meeting room, located at 1201 Williams, in Denver.

Respectfully submitted by Betty Brown, Colorado Chapter Secretary.